Baumax BS361 Concrete Mixer

This Concrete Mixer is ideally suited to owner builders and rental companies.The mixer has a ring gear cover and enclosed engine cabin to ensure operator safety.

Robot welded. 

Drum Volume : 360L

Capacity Unmixed: 260L Mixed*: 200L

Drum Speed: 25RPM

Output: 5m3 per hour

Mix cycle: 2,5 minutes



Height: 1560mm

Weight: 240Kg

Transmission: V Belt

Engine: Honda GX160 engine 5.5HP 2:1 reduction ;

Chassis: Robustly constructed from channel iron and folded metal

Wheels: Semi Solid Wheels

Option: High speed towable wheels on 145 x 10 Pneumatic wheels.

*Machine output varies according to type of material and drum inclination

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