The unique BS Power self-lock scaffolding system supports construction teams throughout Southern Africa.

Posted on 17 Feb 08:00

What would you be willing to pay for high quality scaffolding that is not only innovative but designed to save time and ensure safety? Well, the team at BS Commercial Power have designed scaffolding that has all these attributes but is also the most affordable scaffolding in Cape Town and Sub-Saharan Africa, made to suit every budget from big to small!
BS Commercial Power put a lot of commitment into ensuring that they supply nothing less than the finest commercial power equipment in South Africa, but that was not enough for this team, they also wanted to make their own local contribution to the construction industry in Africa which would match the quality of their commercial equipment.
This is a pretty big step if you take into consideration that their extensive range of European quality commercial equipment includes names like Baumax, Briggs & Stratton, Husqvarna, Murray and Honda, but the success of this unique self-locking system of scaffolding has been exceptional.
Known for an outstanding level of customer service and expertise, the team at BS Commercial Power applied that same commitment to designing an innovative self-lock system for their scaffolding that would make it safer than any other scaffolding on the market, and they have succeeded admirably.
Nothing less than the best quality materials have been used in the manufacture of BS Power Scaffolding, raising the standard of safety and stability in the construction industry to new heights. Despite the quality of the materials used, BS Power Scaffolding has come out tops in terms of being the most cost effect, safe and time saving system of scaffolding ever to come out of South Africa.
Let BS Commercial Power support your industry with their unique scaffolding and join their many satisfied clients who keep returning for more of the high quality equipment and scaffolding delivered with the assistance and guidance of the friendliest team of experts in South Africa.