Posted on 26 Aug 08:00

BS Commercial Power is proud of the excellent reputation we have built up in Cape Town and across Southern Africa with our wide range of commercial construction, forestry and agricultural equipment being of the highest standard available.

We offer everything to do with scaffolding and more.  Whether you want to use it for staging, construction, the maintenance and repair of buildings or bridges, you need the best to support your work crew and materials, and with the expert team at BS Commercial Power you will know that you are getting the most expert advice and service available.

From builders trestles, hook-on ladders and castors to heavy duty jacks and props, hook-on steel boards to self-lock knee braces, if you view our range on the website you will know that you are dealing with experts right from the start.

We have manufactured our own high standard quality selection of scaffolding self-lock frames, making the innovative self-lock system safe and suitable for all purposes, as well as being time saving and cost effective.  We use only the best materials for our scaffolding range, making it the most comprehensive and affordable in Cape Town.

With our simple to use, secure self-lock system you can be assured of perfect stability and added safety, as has been shown in the successful use of our scaffolding throughout South Africa into sub-Saharan countries.  Once you have tried our self-lock frames you will find that at the price we offer, we are the most competitive on the market.

If your project calls for any special requirements, the friendly team at BS Commercial Power are more than happy to assist in seeing where we can help.

Looking at the wide variety of equipment available on our website, you will be able to see that we are uniquely able to provide equipment across the board of industries. All our equipment at BS Commercial Power is of a high quality, backed up by the experience of supplying brands that are durable with the best reputation for reliability and after-sales service.