Rely on Briggs & Stratton Water Pumps or Honda Trash Pumps to get the job done perfectly!

Posted on 14 Oct 08:00

When investing in commercial and industrial equipment, you deserve reliable equipment that you can trust to last well into the future and our team at BS Power Commercial Equipment are committed to offering you the best return on your equipment investments. We believe that each of our customers deserve great customer service that is focused on delivering expert advice and guidance to meet your requirements for high quality equipment.

Knowing that hard-working, durable water pumps are essential to industries that depend on reliable and durable equipment to service their needs, our team will offer you expert advice and guidance on the most capable, dependable and durable water pumps available on the market. We are proud to supply the highest standard of European brands Briggs & Stratton and Honda OEM power pumps, ensuring that when you buy your equipment from us, you will have nothing less than the best backup service as well as genuine replacement parts at your service.

All pumps will move liquid from one location to another, however, while some pumps are designed to move thick, muddy water, others are only capable of handling clean and clear water. Certain pumps allow various trash, stones and sticks to flow through but others will become clogged with this kind of debris, and this is where our team of experts will assist you in determining which commercial water pump will suit your requirements best.

Choosing the incorrect pump will lead to bad performance and damage to the components that make up the pump, making it essential to select your water pump based on the type of water that you are going to be moving.

Our team at BS Commercial Equipment will ensure that you purchase the correct water pump to suit your purposes and with our selection of WP2-35 and WP2-65 Briggs & Stratton Water Pumps and the Honda WT20 X D, WT30 X D and WT40 X D Trash Pumps, we are certain that you will join the ranks of our many satisfied customers who have benefited from our expertise.