Quality Baumax Concrete Mixers at BS Power


Choosing a concrete mixer should be done with care; you need one that will be durable enough to withstand the work it will have to endure, one powerful enough to perform as you wish and preferably from a well-known brand for further assurance. A concrete mixer will have a harder life than most machinery so needs to be well built, and at BS Commercial Power we supply the very best in the business from the world-renowned manufacturer Baumax. We have a choice that should cover all requirements, and at great prices.

BS Commercial Power remains proud of a reputation for supplying excellent equipment for the construction, forestry and agricultural industries at excellent prices, and we are also proud of the many satisfied clients who have already used our services. We can supply to all of South Africa and other Southern African countries, and believe we will be able to supply you with a cement mixer – or other equipment – that fits your requirements. With an expert, friendly team waiting to help with your enquiries we are sure you will enjoy a pleasant experience buying from us, and we are waiting for your call.

We ensure that we keep prices as low as possible while providing customers with quality equipment – we also deal in top names such as Murray, Briggs and Stratton and Honda – and we are more than happy to offer the Baumax range of mixers as we believe it represents the best available. Sturdy, reliable and powerful, these mixers are used across the world with great effect and are known for their reliability among other excellent features. Why not get in touch with us at BS Commercial Power right now and see how we can help you find the best mixer and equipment for your business?