Professional Construction Equipment – South Africa and Beyond

Are you looking for a reputable and reliable supplier of quality machinery and equipment for use in construction, agriculture and more areas of industry? Look no further than BS Commercial Power, for we have the most comprehensive selection of tools, equipment and accessories in South Africa and the surrounding countries. Whether you are looking for lawn mowers, generators, concrete mixers or chainsaws we are the number one supplier I the region, and we are proud to provide top quality products at excellent prices.

We can boast satisfied clients in South Africa and the remainder of the Southern African nations and we promise a professional and courteous service at all times. We deal only in top brands and are agents for world renowned names such as Honda, Briggs and Stratton and OEM among others, and we promise to provide you with the right equipment for your requirements. We can supply everything from scaffolding to plate compactors through replacement engines and other parts, and are more than happy to help you source exactly what you need. With a reputation for excellent customer service you can’t go wrong with BS Power.

Our website includes a comprehensive catalogue of our product range plus much more in the way of helpful information, so have a look now and see just how broad our product choice is. We are also happy to talk to you if you should need further information on particular products, and our contact details can be found on the website. Whatever you need in terms of construction or agricultural equipment – plus much more besides - you can be sure of finding it at BS Power, so why not get in touch right now and take advantage of our guarantee of superb top brand products at the best prices in the business.