Pick the friendliest team of experts to supply you with all your commercial equipment needs in South Africa.

Posted on 15 Feb 08:00

If you’re in industry, you need equipment, and, you need equipment you can rely on to keep going, without costly breakdowns, which means you also need a team of commercial equipment specialists who will never let you down by offering you sub-standard equipment!

Throughout Southern Africa, and of course across South Africa, many clients have stuck with BS Power as their trusted commercial equipment supplier for many years, knowing that the advice and guidance they get from this team always willing to go to bat for them, is unrivalled in the industry!

We all have favourite food, clothing and motor vehicle brands, and are always very reluctant to change to another- the same applies to the extensive list of long-term clients who have remained loyal to the service extended by the team at BS Power, and the exceptional quality of commercial equipment supplied by this knowledgeable team.

If it’s robust, high-performance equipment you are looking for, BS Power has the answer in their fantastic imported and manufactured range of equipment, specifically designed for professionals in the construction, agricultural and forestry industries, and then some!

Even if all you need is a lawnmower that you know you can rely on to outlast anything that is not supplied by BS Power, you simply cannot go wrong with this team – they will give you all the information you need and more in order to make sure that you are in a position to make an informed decision that offers quality and suits your budget!

It’s not just the unbeatable friendly service and product knowledge you will find when dealing with BS Power that will make you a convert, it is also the fact that few companies in this industry offer the after-sales support you can expect from BS Power – it’s not just a case of taking your money and then forgetting all about you!

With imported brands like Husqvarna, Baumax, Briggs & Stratton, Murray and Honda powered commercial equipment, added to the unique scaffolding system designed and manufactured by BS Power, you can rely on equipment that is robust enough to make your investment well worthwhile!

Despite the exceptional quality that is the signature of BS Power, this is equipment that is affordable, yet anything but cheap!  Buying cheap commercial equipment is going to end up costing a lot more in the long run, in fact, it might not even be such a ‘long run’! 

If you need equipment that will help you keep a good track record for reaching project completion dates without compromise due to faulty machinery, then investing in good quality is a must!

BS Power has been supplying equipment to many industries throughout South Africa and into Sub-Saharan countries such as Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland across to Mozambique and anywhere in-between for many years now, making high quality commercial equipment online the answer to making life easy for clients who operate far from the BS Power base in Cape Town.

These far-flung clients know full well that they can rely on the team at BS Power to ensure that the equipment shipped to them is in mint condition and works exactly as it should, which is a cornerstone of the success achieved by BS Power and their position as market leaders in the industry.

Make accessing high quality commercial equipment easy on yourself by contacting BS Power and dealing with a team that knows what they are talking about, and are more than willing to bend over backwards to make sure that you receive the best of everything, from equipment to service excellence and more!