Never go for second best to save money, choose the best at affordable prices from BS Power.

Posted on 31 Mar 08:00

Why go for second best to save money when you can have the very best in European quality commercial power equipment at affordable prices under one roof at BS Power? All you need to do is look at the success story that BS Power is from Zambia across to Mozambique and down to Cape Town to know that you will be dealing with a team who really know what they are talking about when it comes to commercial power equipment.

It is equipment of this quality that keeps the cogs turning in light or heavy industry, delivered with a standard of service excellence you can rely on to such an extent that you will never want to source your commercial equipment from anyone other than BS Power.  It is a fact that many buyers would rather pay a little more in order to get great service instead of saving a bit of money by going with a company that does not offer very good service at all, but at BS Power they have balanced this equation out completely so that you get both, and more from this team!

Perhaps you own a garden services company which places a tremendous amount of pressure on your commercial equipment with daily use, having equipment which fails on you regularly is definitely going to cost you time and money, which is something any industry can ill afford, whether you are a small or large enterprise.  With the quality and affordability of the range of  equipment supplied by BS Power, your lawnmower, blowers and misters, brush cutters and hedge trimmers will definitely cost you far less in the long run!

Besides the wide range of commercial equipment with brand names such as Baumax, Briggs & Stratton, Husqvarna and others, BS Commercial Power is proud to list their very own brand of self-manufactured high quality scaffolding which has become the most affordable scaffolding in Cape Town, providing the best support for construction teams across Africa!

Trust BS Commercial Power to keep the wheels of your industry running smoothly with their high quality commercial equipment, expert knowledge and a completely streamlined service!