Need quality commercial equipment at great prices but not sure where to turn for the best?

Posted on 2 Feb 08:00

If that is the case, then do yourself and your business a big favour by contacting the savvy team at BS Power, they will know exactly how to make sure you get the best equipment at the best prices from their base in Cape Town.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that BS Power is based in Cape Town, their products can be found throughout South Africa and many other regions in Southern Africa, there are no flies on this team! They are good at what they do and know exactly what it takes to take any new customer and bring them into a family that has a long list of satisfied customers who go nowhere else for their equipment needs!

Honesty is an essential trait where it comes to investing in commercial equipment, irrespective of which industry you represent, it helps to know that in the search for just the right piece of equipment, you will be dealing with people who not only know their products inside out, but who are also transparent in their dealings with every customer.

As an example, if you are in the market for a concrete mixer, the BS Power team will direct you to the right concrete mixer durable enough to handle the volume and speed you require in order to carry out your projects successfully. 

This can range from a smaller, but no less robust concrete mixer to a heavy duty baby that will give new meaning to the words ‘high-performance’– no one at BS Power is going to sell you a piece of commercial equipment that is not going to suit your needs perfectly!

BS Power has also made sure that should your equipment need a little help to extend its lifespan, you will have access to genuine parts, and, as part of their phenomenal backup service, will make sure that should you need any repairs done, you will be directed to trusted suppliers who will meet the same high standards you can expect of anything done by BS Power.

Aside from the durable, robust commercial equipment imported by BS Power, this team has made sure that their name is right up there with the rest by designing and manufacturing a completely unique scaffolding system that is strengthened by its self-lock system, which has quickly become the most affordable scaffolding in Cape Town!

While BS Power scaffolding is manufactured in Cape Town, it is being used as one of the strongest scaffolding systems keeping construction teams safe throughout Southern Africa, from Zambia and Namibia right across to Mozambique!

BS Power scaffolding is easy to erect and offers the highest level of security for construction teams, whether they are working on smaller projects or on projects as big as the construction of bridges, the self-lock system hooks in to keep the scaffolding stable and safe, making it scaffolding that is unrivalled on every level, from safety to ease of use.

Throw this together with household European commercial equipment brands such as Briggs & Stratton, Husqvarna, Murray and Honda powered equipment, and there is no doubt that if you are looking for a team you can rely on to keep the wheels of your industry ticking over smoothly, then you won’t find better than the highly trained, friendly team at BS Power!

Give them a call – its virtually guaranteed that you will be so impressed by everything that carries the BS Power stamp of approval that you will be sticking to this team in the future for all your equipment needs!