Make BS Power your go-to team for the best commercial equipment in South Africa!

Posted on 26 Jan 08:00

Whatever you need in the form of high quality commercial equipment is easily available online at BS Commercial Power, making life as easy as possible for a multitude of loyal customers that are spread out across South Africa and well into the rest of Southern Africa!

Being able to access and purchase commercial equipment online from a trusted supplier is a cost-effective, time-saving issue, which is essential in any industry; time is money and competition has never been stiffer than it is now in a fast-paced industrial world in which the wheels have to be kept in motion for success.

BS Power keeps the wheels of industry well-oiled and moving at the pace it needs to, by supplying a wide variety of commercial equipment of the highest quality available for a multitude of industries, giving customers easy access to all the industrial and commercial equipment they could need, under one, very convenient roof.

If you are an owner-builder, rental company or renovations company, and are in the market for the right concrete mixer for varied projects, the range of imported Baumax Concrete Mixers will definitely have something in it to fit the bill perfectly, and the bill will also be very affordable for this European quality equipment!

The Baumax BS361 Concrete Mixer, BS361 Concrete Mixer Electric 220V and BS361 Concrete Mixer BS361 380V are all perfect for this category.  Specifications differ in terms of voltage, 2 phase and 3 phase motors, but, gear covers and enclosed engine cabins ensure operator safety on all these models. These three Baumax Concrete Mixers have an unmixed capacity of 260L and 200L mixed.

Moving on to a higher capacity of 210L unmixed and 260L mixed, the more demanding professional may need to look at the Baumax BS400 Concrete Mixer with a gasoline engine, the Baumax BS400 220V electric concrete mixer, or the 380V concrete mixer to get the job done.

If you are looking for a concrete mixer with a traditional drum that is suitable for all types of mix, equipped with electric and hydraulic mechanisms that make it easy to operate, then the Baumax BS500H Concrete Mixer is ideal.

Moving on to concrete mixers where production is high and a priority, The Baumax BS600 Diesel or Electric Mixer is going to give you the ultimate in durability, designed and manufactured to last a lifetime, giving you a drum volume of 600 litres wet – more than enough to get the job done in time!

Aside from this outstanding range of concrete mixers, BS Power also provides commercial equipment that covers a vast range of applications, from those for use in the construction, forestry and agricultural industries, to name a few.

The expertise of the team at BS Power is always on hand when you need professional assistance and guidance, which makes finding the right commercial equipment an absolute pleasure, as many satisfied customers will tell you – BS Power has been a market leader in the industry for many years and will be around a lot longer because of their high standards!

This commitment to service excellence and dedication to supplying only the best in commercial equipment also comes with a guarantee that once you have invested in commercial equipment from BS Power, you will have the very best in after-sales support possible in the industry.

Make BS Power your go-to team for the best commercial equipment in South Africa, this will be one decision you will never look back on with regret!