Posted on 19 Aug 08:00

When you are investing in a new piece of equipment, you deserve to know that you are getting best investment in terms of reliability and after-sales service, and at BS Commercial Power we pride ourselves in being able to deliver great customer service along with expert advice on all your requirements.

Our expert and friendly staff will advise you on all your needs are for high quality construction, forestry and agriculture equipment in South Africa and surrounding countries.

Along with concrete mixers and lawn mowers, ladders and scaffolding and genuine replacement parts to prolong the life of your machinery, we are proud to offer a fantastic range of Honda Trash Pumps, ideal for construction sites, as well as Honda and Briggs & Stratton Water Pumps.

While sticks and stones may not break your bones, unless you have a Honda Trash Pump doing the dirty work, you will be looking at broken motors!  As proud official suppliers of Honda equipment, we know that these trash pumps have been designed specifically to allow solids to flow through the pump without causing any clogging.

We have the Honda WT20 X D, WT30 X D and WT40 X D available for you to view on our website.

From Cape Town to Zambia and across Africa to Mozambique, Honda’s Water Pumps are known for their quality engines, easy portability and durable construction, which makes the at BS Commercial Power proud to represent such an awesome reputation in the construction equipment industry.

The WP2-35 and WP2-65 Briggs & Stratton Water Pumps round off this stable of extremely capable, dependable and durable water pumps that we are proud to represent.

The expert team at BS Commercial Power offer truly individual attention to your requirements and will guide you to the best possible solutions to suit your needs.