Find the Best Construction and Agriculture Equipment in South Africa

Machinery for the agricultural industry comes in a vast array of shapes and sizes, and many of the tasks performed are made so much easier by having the right equipment on hand. The same is true of the construction industry, where heavy machinery is widely used, so where do you go for the best selection of quality equipment at the right prices? At BS Commercial Power we can offer you a range of equipment covering every eventuality, and all from quality, proven brands that are world-renowned.

If you need a brushcutter, for example, we have a selection from Baumax, one of the biggest names in the business, and our range of chainsaws by Murray offers you the finest you can buy. For construction we offer equipment from the above names plus Honda, and we have our own range of equipment that is highly regarded and manufactured to a high standard. We like to ensure our clients get equipment that will do the required job and last a long time; after all, construction equipment in particular will take a lot of stress and strain during its lifetime.

We supply everything from lawnmowers to generators, concrete mixers and scaffolding, and we are more than happy to discuss your requirements in more detail of you cannot see what you want on the website. At BS Commercial Power we remain convinced that you will be impressed by our excellent prices, and we aim to keep our customers happy with excellent service throughout. We can provide machinery to addresses across South Africa and the rest of Southern Africa, and our list of satisfied clients grows by the day. Why not give us a call right now and see how we can help with your equipment requirements? We are waiting for your call!