BS Power stocks nothing less than the very best in imported & local commercial equipment!

Posted on 30 Jan 08:00

While BS Power has made sure that they import only the very best European range of commercial equipment brands, they have also made sure that their name features right up there with the rest, and, after many years in the industry as a trusted supplier of robust, high-performance equipment, they did not hesitate to design and manufacture one of the most important pieces of equipment used in the construction, painting, roofing and renovations industry – scaffolding.

BS Power went to exceptional lengths to ensure that the design of their scaffolding would bring unrivalled safety to the industry, as well as making it the easiest to rig and dismantle.  The reason for this is the unique self-lock system that literally clicks all components into place quickly and safely, ultimately saving time and money on any project.

Just getting the scaffolding necessary for a particular project can be a time-consuming effort, however, with the system designed by this team of visionaries, based on their experience in the commercial equipment industry, it has made it easy to get to the actual job at hand done quickly, without having to struggle to keep scaffolding sections in place.

BS Power Scaffolding has quickly become the most affordable scaffolding in Cape Town, as well as being the most widely used scaffolding across Southern Africa, supplying customers as far afield as Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland and more!

As far as other commercial equipment is concerned, BS Power makes shopping for equipment online straightforward and simple, and, with the support of an expert, knowledgeable team at hand to  offer any further advice needed, BS Power has developed long term relationships with customers who would not even consider going anywhere else to fulfil their equipment requirements.

Baumax offers a range that covers everything from generators, plate compactors, concrete mixers, concrete cutters, drive units, power trowels and more, while Briggs & Stratton boasts a range of engines, lawnmower engines, high pressure washers, generators, brush cutters, trimmers and inverters that are all well worth a closer look!

Honda engines power vertical shaft engines, water pumps and trash pumps in various configurations, and Murray has a really lean mean range of powerful of chainsaws and a deluxe Ride on mower that will be the envy of any competitor – these brand names all stand for quality with a capital Q!

Husqvarna has an outstanding range of forestry and gardening services equipment available at BS Power, including blowers, trimmers, brush cutters, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, earth augers, pole pruners, sprayers, mist blowers, auto mowers, battery backpacks and batteries, to name just a portion of the equipment available under this highly respected brand name.

Unrivalled quality and service is the hallmark of everything done by the team at BS Power, and, always willing to go the extra mile, if there is a piece of equipment you need that is not available on the BS Power website, this team of experts will make sure that even if they can’t supply it, you will be directed to a trusted supplier – however, there is very little BS Power is not able to do to keep their customers coming back!

Take exceptional value for money, high quality equipment and unrivalled service excellence, mix them all up and you will have the best introduction to BS Power you could possibly have – give the team a call and find out for yourself what it’s like to deal with a team that knows their products inside out and are always willing to share that knowledge without hesitation.