BS Commercial Power provides the most affordable locally designed and innovative scaffolding in Cape Town.

For many years now, BS Commercial Power has successfully been providing top quality equipment to the construction industry, forestry and agricultural sectors, among others, from South Africa to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Mozambique as well as other Sub-Saharan countries, and as we continue to expand our already comprehensive range of commercial equipment, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of service and professionalism.

We recognise that when making the decision to purchase commercial equipment is a serious one that is not taken lightly, considering that it is an investment you deserve to get the best returns on for a long time, and BS Commercial Power offers not only the best quality brands in products, but a solid reputation that is endorsed by our many satisfied customers.

Our team at BS Commercial Power is committed to supplying the best equipment at the most affordable prices with a well established reputation for service excellence. We make sure that you receive the highest level of backup service and offer nothing but genuine replacement parts for the equipment we provide.

We pay close attention to each customer's individual requirements, and should you have any special requirements our friendly team is expert enough to offer you solutions that will suit your individual purposes and it is this attitude that brings our customers back to us again and again.

Over and above all the equipment we supply to a wide range of industries and for domestic use, BS Commercial Power is very proud of the unique range of high quality self-lock scaffolding frames we have designed, offering an innovative self-lock system that is safe and suitable for all purposes. Despite using only the best materials for our scaffolding, we have designed it to be time saving, cost effective and the most affordable scaffolding available in Cape Town, making you a winner all round.

Please visit our website to view everything to do with this innovative scaffolding, from hook-on ladders and castors to builders trestles, or contact friendly team of experts to assist you with guidance and advice on the most affordable scaffolding in Cape Town – bearing in mind that we have successfully supplied our scaffolding to the whole of South Africa and other Sub-Saharan countries. We look forward to becoming your partner in equipment and scaffolding supplies!