BS Commercial Power makes life easy for groundskeepers, construction companies and landscaping.

Posted on 31 Aug 08:00

BS Commercial Power offers an entire range of equipment that is an absolute necessity when it comes to looking after large expanses of lawn, from sod cutters to ride-on-mowers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, blowers and misters as well as standard models of lawnmower.

The grounds-maintenance industry is a large one, especially where is comes to maintaining golf courses, athletic fields and school districts as well as housing estates.  Sod cutters are an important part of the grounds-maintenance industry as well as in the construction industry. Construction contractors use sod cutters to remove grass for patio or walkway installations, so that they can achieve a precise cut in order to avoid replacing damaged lawns after the fact.

Sod cutters are used to create a clean line when new sod has to meet existing turf in order to have a clean cut turf, which is essential for any golf course.  BS Commercial Power offers the Husqvarna SC 18 Sod Cutter with an exclusive four wheel-drive transmission, low centre of gravity, as well as an anti-vibration handle, making it the smoothest, most stable sod cutter on the market.  Kitted out with a Honda GX 3.58 kw/4.8 horsepower engine, two cutting speeds, two transporting speeds and power reverse, the SC18 will make even the toughest job seem easy.

We offer a selection of 15 ride-on-mowers manufactured by Husqvarna, as well as the Murray ride-on-mower and we are confident you will find the perfect model to make maintaining large grounds so much easier!  We also have a range of standard lawn mowers made by Husqvarna that will suit smaller residential lawns, along with blowers and misters, brush cutters and hedge trimmers to suit all your garden maintenance needs, residential or commercial.

After many years in our industry, and with many satisfied clients throughout South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, our friendly team at BS Commercial Power has the expertise to advise you on the right industrial equipment to suit your purposes. We pride ourselves on offering service excellence at affordable prices as well.  Please visit our website to view our entire spectrum of industrial equipment, from generators to high pressure washers, right across to high quality scaffolding designed and manufactured by BS Commercial Power.