Everything for the Construction Industry in One Place

Posted on 15 Apr 08:00

Buying equipment for a construction company requires careful consideration; you need to make sure you are purchasing equipment that is from a reputable company and that will be adequate for the job at hand, as well as being reliable and well built. At BS Power, a leading supplier of equipment for construction and other industries to companies in South Africa and the surrounding countries, we supply only the best equipment from top brands, and we have a reputation for excellent customer service and sensible pricing.

BS Power chooses its product range with the care and attention that we believe our customers deserve, and we are proud of the many satisfied clients who return to us on a regular basis. Whether you need a concrete mixer, compacters, scaffolding or cutters we can help, and we also carry a full range of replacement parts and motors. We offer equipment from the likes of Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Murray – all top brands in the region – this reinforcing our commitment to quality and longevity, and we are more than happy to discuss with you any special requirements that your situation may make necessary.

With a range that also covers agricultural equipment, forestry machinery and mowers and accessories for the home and garden we believe nobody in the region can match us for our comprehensive collection of goods, and we try our best to accommodate all who make an enquiry with us as best possible. BS Power is always adding to the product range with more quality items, so check out our website now and see what’s new. For more information on our range of construction equipment or for information on any other equipment in our range please feel free to get in touch, and we will be more than happy to help.