Make Mowing the Grass Fun with a Robotic Mower

Posted on 1 Apr 08:00

Some jobs that have to be done can be tiresome, and one such is mowing the grass! At BS Power we may have the solution, for we now offer a choice of clever and efficient robot mowers from the top make Husqvarna. We chose these models because they are from am manufacturer with a clear reputation for excellent quality and reliability, and they really are very impressive machines. After all this time you never need to worry about mowing the lawn – your robot mower will do it for you!

We have a choice of mowers that cover various different areas of lawn, so there is certain to be something here for you. The 308 model, for example, is capable of mowing up to 800 square metres, and is easy to use and surprisingly affordable. At the other end of the scale is the 265ACX, a professional standard model that can mow as much as 1.5acres, and which is entirely independent in operation so you do not even need to supervise. It also offers a series of settings that you can choose in order to get the desired results for your grass.

The bigger models operate independently; you have a charging station which is effectively the base, and when the mower runs out of power it will return to the base on its own, recharge, and then continue with the job at hand. This means you can set it away and concentrate on something else, and your grass will be beautifully mown. At BS Power we are always adding to our product range, and we have equipment for agricultural use, for forestry, for the home and for the construction industry. Give us a call right now to learn more about our range or to find out about robot mowers.