All Your Garden Equipment in One Place

Posted on 10 Jun 08:00

Finding a supplier of quality garden equipment is not an easy task, but at BS Commercial Power we believe we can help you with all your garden needs, both domestic and commercial. We have been in the business of supplying equipment for many industries in the forestry and agriculture fields for some time, and we also stock a full range of gardening equipment that covers all the bases. Have a look at our website and see just ow broad our selection is, and also how we only sell top name brands.

If you want a lawnmower, for example, we have a choice of types; we supply ride-on mowers from Husqvarna and Murray – two of the best names in the business – and we also offer a range of excellent up to the minuterobotic mowers, which are perfect for smaller lawns and people without the time to take mowing the lawn manually. These clever machines work from a charging station and, when they run low on power, return to base to recharge, then carry on with the job once ready! They are also surprisingly affordable and very effective.

At BS Commercial Power we take great pride in a reputation for excellent customer service, as well as sensible prices, so please feel free to get in touch with us should you have any questions and we will be happy to help. We offer a full range of equipment for construction also, so rest assured we have you covered if that is your area of business. With satisfied clients in South Africa and neighboring countries we are here to help wherever you maybe, and our expert team will point you in the direction of the best equipment for your requirements every time. Give us a call now and we’ll show you the garden equipment that you want.